you know you want this.

I have never gotten an e-harmony account

I have never gotten an e-harmony account

because I told myself I wasn’t that desperate,
that I was a woman, that this was good, I could do my own
thing until a man came out of nowhere, on a horse
like the old spice man, man.

and now here I am, single, writing
bad love poems about why I love chess playing
men, and what that says about my superiority complex.

I’ve considered becoming amish so I can use
the amish dating site, so I can ride
a horse and wear bonnets and there are no
strip clubs in middle-of-nowhere, Pennsylvania.
I can know. I can know
I am all he gets.

I made an advertisement for the penny saver,
craig’s list, ebay, the grocery store bulletin board.
It reads:
wanted. single Christian man for potential relationship.
Asians preferred. must be able to tolerate
rants, tears, narcissism. must accept hand-
holding, photo-booth pictures, and watching
the cherry blossoms fall like years, over us.
interested candidates should respond via email.

I did not post it anywhere, except this poem,
which perhaps he will find, perhaps someone
can find this unstable poet sexually
attractive, and he will be the one and yes,
I will be the sleeping aurora, the woman
who slowly emerges, satiated.


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