you know you want this.

30 April Poem

I swear, I just heard about NaPoWriMo, but I’ve written at least one poem a day. Only today did I post it. Next year, I’ll totally come post some stuff!


An Executive’s Prayer


There’s too much work to consummate, where

does one start? I want to sit

here, and I will defend my (right)

to sit, here. And I will breathe in my air

with the lungs I created, with the body

I consciously maneuver, with the blood

I have willfully dispersed and exhorted,

Go, into all body parts, and preach

good health!  This body is mine

as I have made it mine, I have formed

the ability to persuade my fingers into writing,

I have dictated my acquisition of ambling,

I have grown out my hair and nails with commands—

Grow! Or there shall be no profit

for the winter. I have proposed

our open-arrangement truce,  for there

are too many dictations to pronounce,


Who is he, to define the path of my happiness?

For what is a hymen, what is a limb?

Who is he, to be bound as my delight?


Now surely, tell me now—who am I

to not have the right to cast judgment

upon the small thing that dares

to furrow itself into my womb?



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