you know you want this.

A virtual scavenger hunt – stop 1 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s house

This is such a cool use of the Poetry Scavenger Hunt idea!

Illustrated Poetry

IMG_2961When friend and poet Meg Eden proposed people in different cities host a poetry scavenger hunt to celebrate the release of her new chapbook of poetry, A Week with Beijing, in January 2015, I jumped up and down and said “YES! That sounds fun.” So she sent me a packet of red envelopes and told me to have fun and go crazy. I’ve decided to combine two things I’ve been wanting to do for a while into one: do the scavenger hunt together with all of you on Illustrated Poetry and visit some of the many poetry-historical (it’s a word now!) sites in Boston. Boston and its environs are home to so many important places in regards to poetry; I really enjoy that aspect of living here.

Poetry is a living art – who writes it and what we write about is constantly evolving and yet we are all connected as poets. So…

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