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A Week With Beijing by Meg Eden



A Week With Beijing by Meg Eden
Neon, A Literary Magazine, release date February 7, 2015
Reviewed by Kayla Greenwell

Meg Eden‘s A Week With Beijing, due out on February 7 from Neon, A Literary Magazine, is a refreshing collection of difficult truths and insightful discovery. In this 21 poem collection, the author charts her intimate experiences with Beijing, who she personifies as a quirky, mysterious woman. This extended personification creates a truly intimate experience for the reader.

Through embedding sharp truths in the soft vulnerability of the blossoming relationship between the narrator and Beijing, Eden creates a unique platform for dialogue. Beijing is equally unsure of her new counterpart, and  sometimes when she voices the events of her life it is almost as if she is as shocked as the narrator, hearing it for the first time. It creates a platform for discussion that the reader can’t…

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