you know you want this.

Marlena Chertock

Constellation: Prosodus


Find us

When they find us
we’ll be long dead.
When they find us,
the chosen or rich frozen,
faces intact,
they’ll wonder why
we’re a people that don’t move.

They’ll find us,
the rest, deposits of calcium,
puzzles left for them
to try for a week.
When they find us
they’ll think maybe,
once, they saw one of us
out there in the dark,
dressed in a puffier

When they find rows
of gravestones
carved with strange language,
they’ll try forming the sounds
on their native tongues,
trace the hieroglyph t and star
and moon with their fingers.

When they enter a home
of bound language,
they’ll find it impossible to understand.
Wander the steps,
our voices silently surrounding them.
Wonder if they’ll ever find
live ones. Or will they
always be late.

Exhibit exploration

He caught me watching myself

in the golden astronaut helmet.


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