you know you want this.


I’ve been getting some questions about my fundraiser: The money goes to Tupelo Press, but I get rewards based on what goals I reach.

Right now, I have raised $150.
If I raise $350, I will earn three Tupelo Press Titles of my choice.
If I raise $750 I will get a Chapbook length manuscript review (including in-depth focus, poem-by-poem, and evaluation of overall coherence and poem order) with Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Levine!

I would LOVE to get this manuscript evaluation–I have a manuscript that needs some work, and to get feedback from Jeffrey Levine would be AMAZING!

While I will be only posting poems for the rest of the month, I can continue to raise funds through September.

Thank you everyone who has donated! If you haven’t donated, I’d feel so encouraged to have your support! Every dollar proves that poetry is still alive and needed in our world today, and helps me (and the other 30/30 poets I’m sure!) that what we are doing is worthwhile!

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